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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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In the play A Midsummer Night's Dream, Puck is given the task of using magic to make Demetrius love Helena. However, Puck messes this plan up on an understandable misconception and uses the magic on the wrong person. Even though he innocently messes up Oberon's plan, Puck makes sure that he fixes his mistake to get the right people to love each other before anyone was really hurt. Also, he confuses Lysander and Demetrius when they want to fight Helena, which eventually prevents a potential duel between the two rivals. Had Puck left his mistake as is, and if he hadn't lured Lysander and Demetrius away from each other, then the rest of the play would have been altered in storyline and one of the characters could've possibly been killed. So while Puck is very mischievous in his use of magic, he is considered to be a hero for uniting the four lovers with the right person in the end, as well as keeping then all out of harm’s way. Puck uses his magic to unite the four lovers, even though it was his magic that started the mass confusion. Oberon told Puck to find a male in Athenian clothing and use his magic on him to make him fall in love with Helena. Well, Puck followed orders and found a male in Athenian clothing. It just so happened that it was Lysander and not Demetrius, like Oberon had intended for it to be. When Puck finds Lysander he says "Night and silence!- Who is here? Weeds of Athens he doth wear! This is he, my master said, Despised the Athenian maid" (2.2.70-73). This shows how Puck was just following orders and found the man Oberon had described to him. Thus, it was not Puck's fault that the basis of the confusion had happened; it was just an honest misunderstanding. Puck is a hero because after he makes this mistake, (although he does start some trouble in between that doesn't really cause any harm) he uses his magic for good to bring Demetrius with Helena and Lysander with Hermia, as well as keeping Demetrius away from Lysander. After Puck has...
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