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  • Published : May 14, 2012
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It has been argued that renewable energy is considered, as it can be a replacement for fossil fuel and developing renewable energy cost less money. A research from Hearps and McConnell (2011) indicates that even though the cost of the development of renewable energy is more on C02 reduction but it significantly will reduce the cost of mitigating climate change in the future. In Australia, Another research conducted by Australia Academy of Science (2009) indicates that develops renewable energy, for instance wind turbines, solar thermal, geothermal and other energies can help Australia in minimizing investment cost because the lower installation cost of the technologies and maximizing the energy production particularly as the primary future electricity option. On the other hand, some others believed (Greenpeace, 2009; ACS, 2009) that the development of nuclear power is often known as the most expensive sources to build compare to renewable energy development. In fact, even the nuclear industry has estimated the cost to build nuclear reactor precisely, the final cost result three times higher than the plan and it tend to be unpredictable (Greenpeace, 2009). For example, India that has experienced in constructing nuclear reactor faced to 300 % over budget and the same problem happened in Finland that faced to 1,5 billion over budget when construct new nuclear reactor (Greenpeace, 2009).

It cannot be denied that for some reasons, such as the lower installation cost of the renewable energy technologies, investment cost efficiency, and cut down on cost of mitigating climate changes, renewable energy could be more beneficial than gives drawbacks. But those who are agreed that develop renewable energy is cheap fail to consider the facts. A research conducted by Turkenburg (n.d) explained that currently the development of renewable energy cannot be equated with other energy sources, for example nuclear energy that has been developed for decades as most of the...
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