Count of Monte Cristo

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  • Published : November 10, 2010
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Count of Monte Cristo & Dark Romanticism
To understand where Dark romanticism comes from, we must first know about Romanticism in general. Romanticism was found in the 18th century, it represents imagination and expression of emotion in poetry , art, and literature. Dark romanticism was found in the 19th century, it represents dark gothic subjects. In human life, some aspects that we show of dark romanticism, would be revenge, hate, murder, revenge, and greed. All of these aspects are shown in the movie "The count of Monte Cristo" The move Count of monte cristo tells a tale of a man whos been betrayed by his bestfriend because of greed and jelousy; after being in prison for 14 years he comes back with a planned revenge. the question is, Is the story of count of monte cristo a good representitive of dark romanticism?

In the movie count of monte cristo, the main character's name is Edmond Dantes, his bestfriend is named Fernand Mondego, and Edmond's lover was named Mercedes. Fernand was the biggest key to the rest of the story,becaue he was jelous, greedy, and because of his pride that he betrayed edmond; he believed that because he was the son of a great count, and Edmond was son of a clerk so he should of had the beautiful fiance, and the vessel. Yet he didnt , so he betrayed edmond, by making a deal with J.F villfort(authority) . J.F villforth's father was an agent of napoleon( a prisoner), and he didnt want his father ruining his appearance, which led to him getting fernand to murder his own father, for the deal that Edmond was sent to jail. Once Edmond was sent off, Villfort told mercedes that he was dead, therefore Fernand got what he wanted.

Edmond found out about his bestfriend's betrayal when he was running from authority and went to fernand's house to ask for help. There on, he was in prison at the Chateau d'If( on an island) . At the prison, he met a priest, that was digging tunnels to escape. There the priest, helped him unravel...
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