Counselling Skills and Their Impact Upon You

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  • Published : April 14, 2012
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Course Name (for student papers only; DELETE THIS FOR ARTICLES) Instructor (for student papers only; DELETE THIS FOR ARTICLES) Date Submitted (for student papers only; DELETE THIS FOR ARTICLES) Check with your instructor to see if the above info is required!Type Title HereCounselling is defined as an exchange between two people, the counselor helping the client, to explore and strengthen difficulty experience by the client in the way they deal with relationship, emotional and or behavioral problems which have a profound negative effect on the clients life. Counseling the counselor works alongside with the client to explore these difficulties and to make better informed options and choices in order to help them over comes these problems. Counselling involves in exploring the clients values, beliefs, and attitudes in order to clarify and in some cases challenging certain aspects in everyday life. To articulate a better understanding the way they live in the world including what steps then from viewing the life they want and need in order to flourish

skills are essential to assist change in a person’s ability to think for themselves and to clearly evaluate problems and find solutions using a more flexible thinking process which intern enables them to make better and workable decisions in times of personal crisis. These skills comprise a variety of values and qualities. Values such as conveying empathy help to gain the clients trust.4 Quality such as rapport helps with the sympathetic relationship and understanding between counselor and client. Unconditional positive regard and congurance assist in convaying the genuience of the councsellors effets. A non judgmental approach assists in removing anxiety and allowing the client to feel comfortable which interns allows the client to express thelmseves more honestly without fear of being judged. In summary the issue I too

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