Counseling Reflective Paper

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  • Published : February 17, 2012
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This week’s lecture is about observing and reflecting emotion of both client and ourselves. After listened to the lecture, I realised that counselling profession is amazing! I was surprised being a counsellor is not easy, because he has to be able to multitasking. There are many things a counsellor needs to do in a single interview with the clients, he not only needs to attend and active listen in the interview, but also has to identify any implicit emotion and discrepancies of the clients. Other than that, the counsellor also needs to empathize the client’s stories and emotion. I think the most important value for a counsellor is empathy, counselling without empathy will not success because trusting relationship cannot be developed and the client will not continue to talk. I remember the first thing I know about counselling is empathy. During my first year, I once watched a movie that deepens my understanding on the counselling process and the concept of empathy, this movie also inspired me to become a counsellor in the future. The movie is called “Good Will Hunting”, it is basically showed about the counselling process between Sean, the therapist and a rebellious yet gifted young guy named Will. Initially Will refuse to talk to Sean, Sean begins by disclosure his secret to Will. Slowly Will opens his heart to Sean. Actually Will was abused during childhood and developed a strong defence mechanisms, he is tough outside but fragile internally. As last, Sean makes Will realises that the abuse was not his fault and finally Will changed. After watching this movie, the lecture required the class to write a reflective too, I wrote about the important of empathy for a counsellor. This time I want to write something about myself. After these few weeks of lectures, I found that I am very suitable to become a counsellor. The reason I say this is I am an empathy person and a good listener, this can be seen in my aptitude test score, besides that my friends also assured my...
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