Counseling: Psychotherapy and Clients

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Counseling and Psychotherapy May 08

Theories of Counseling
What is a theory of counseling?
* idea of what works when you talk to someone
* philosophical framework of view of humans
* who the person, how the theory describes them
* template techniques and interventions to all curate anxieties * concepts of healthy /dysfunction
Why are they important?
* Framework to look at ideas
* Outlines goals
* Not as important as the therapeutic relationship
* More important because therapy is becoming more evidence based * Insurance
* Grant money
* Managed care
* What type and what the data is that works
Corey Books
* No single model can explain all the facets of human experience * Eleven approaches to counseling and psychotherapy are discussed * Students can begin to acquire a counseling style tailored to their own personality * The process will take years

* Relate the book to you
Effective Counselor-chapter 2
* The most important instrument you ha vie YOU Use of self * Living example of who you are and how you struggle to live up to your potential * Be authentic
* Stereotyped professional role can be shed-some model are more open than others * If you hide behind your role the client will also hide
* Be a therapeutic person and be clear about who you are
* Be willing to grow to risk to care and to be involved!
Counseling for the Counselor
* Consider your motivation
* Find support as you struggle
* Have help in dealing with personal issues
* Be assisted in managing your counter transferences
* Important for professional development
* Be aware of value imposition
* How your values influence your interventions
* How your values may influence your client’s experiences in therapy * Recognize that you are not value-neutral
* Your job is to assist clients in finding answers that are most congruent with their own values * Find ways to manage value conflicts between you and your clients * Begin therapy by exploring the client’s goals

* Become aware of your biases and values
* Become aware of your own cultural norms
* Attempt to understand the world from clients vantage point * Gain a knowledge of the dynamics of oppression racism discrimination and stereotyping * Study historical background
* Be open to learning from client
Issues faced by beginning therapists
* Balance and well-being
* Questioning competency (getting over the imposter feelings) * Accepting your limitations while simultaneously acknowledging your strengths * Managing difficult and unsatisfying relationships with clients * Struggling with commitment and personal growth

* Developing healthy helping relationships with clients
* Developing healthy personal boundaries in your professional life * Take care of you!
* Know what causes burnout
* Know how to recognize and remedy burnout
* Know how to prevent burnout through self-care
Pick a therapy
Existential and psychoanalytic therapy-EFT approaches etc
Professional Ethics
* Do not harm
* Be just
* Respect autonomy
* Be faithful
* Benefit others
* Include client in your decision making
* Seek consultation
* Brainstorm
* List consequences
* Decide and document the reasons for your actions
* Basis for accountability
* Protect clients
* Basis for improving professional practice
* Educate about responsibilities
Informed consent
* Clients need enough information about the counseling process to be able to make informed choices * Educate clients about their rights and responsibilities * Provide informed consent
* Therapy procedures
* Risks benefits and alternatives
* Right to withdraw from treatment
* Costs of treatment
* Supervision
* Privileged communication
* Limits of confidentiality
Limits to...
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