Counseling Process

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Chapter 3: The Counseling Process

1. State the categories that counseling theories can be classified in and what category, (category 1 or 2) do you feel is the most effective intervention. The categories that counseling theories can be classified are: Affective (feeling)

Person-centered counseling
Gestalt therapy
Behavior (behaving)
Reality therapy
Brief counseling
Individual psychology
Cognitive (thinking)
Rational-emotive behavioral therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy
Psychoanalytic counseling
Transactional analysis
I feel category 2 is the most effective intervention. If a child is feeling bad at Point A, he or she will need to work through their feelings or thoughts with a counselor until they have sufficient strength to make a behavioral change at Point A. The counselor can then examine the results of their thoughts or feelings at Point B for the meaning and significance. This will help the counselor gather sufficient strength to tackle the next behavioral change.

2. What are some things to consider during the first counseling interview and what are the steps to overcoming children’s resistance? Some things to consider during the first counseling interview is knowing that children are resistant to counseling which is considered reacting normally. Children are clients but still children with their own feelings, behavior problems, and expectations of counselors. They are fearful of the unknown. Counselors should be understanding of children fears, concerns, and questions they may have about visiting a counselors office. Children do become angry and resistant when forced to do things. Counselors need patience and high levels of frustration tolerance to work with difficult children. The 3 steps to overcoming children resistance are: (1) The successful application of all counseling theories is the development of a good counseling relationship, a therapeutic alliance between counselor and client. (2) The counselor’s office should...
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