Counseling Interview Paper

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Counselor Interview PaperJessica Peacock

I plan on going into the School Counseling field, so for my interview I went to a long time family friend Kay Weems. Kay is a school counselor currently at Madison Station Elementary, but she has 19 years of experience at different levels of education in counseling and in different environments as well. She also was an elementary teacher for 10 years prior to becoming a school counselor.

Kay went to school at Mississippi State and received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a minor in special education. She went on to obtain her masters degree in special education. After school she taught at the elementary level for ten years so she has plenty of experience with children ages 5-11. When she had her only daughter Aubrey, she decided to get her master’s certificate for guidance counseling and then went back to work as a guidance counselor. This year is her first year counseling at the elementary level, but previous years she did high school two years and middle school 16 years in several different environments.

When I asked Kay’s perspective on the purpose of the school counseling profession she said that she feels as though she makes an impact on children’s lives every day. Her goal is to help children achieve academic, personal, as well as social success in the school environment. She provides individual counseling to students, as well as referrals for students to community support or for students that may need additional help in the classroom or academic testing.

When I asked her about the demands of her job, she took a second to think about it, I imagine situations running through her head when she struggled with a child or a child’s family. She admitted that working with a child’s parent can be very difficult. She explained parent’s often times want to believe their child is perfect and perfectly happy, so when a counselor has to sit down parents and inform them something is wrong with...
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