Counseling Dialogue

Topics: Active listening, Nonverbal communication, Ethics Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: September 24, 2012
Counseling Pairs Dialogue Paper I
The client is a 24 year old Caucasian female who has suffered with drug abuse for 7 years. Being that she has been in several rehabilitation facilities and relapsed all those times, she was sent to me. I played the role of the counselor. I introduce myself, explain what I do and my area of expertise, and give the purpose of the session. The client explained to me that she has been in and out of rehab with little success. She wants to overcome her condition but states that it is “so hard” to do. As a counselor, attempt to gather as much information as possible including name, age, some background information, if they have any family, etc. Next, we delve into the client’s abuse problem and why they problem had manifested itself for so long. “When is it worse? When is it not so bad? What triggers wanting to do drugs?” are the type of questions I ask. Once a rapport has been established and I feel enough information has been gathered, we begin to look at possible strategies that could help the problem. Some ethical issues that arose for me is that the young lady seemed to flirt with me and made a few comments that seemed inappropriate. I simply ignored the first comment, but after the others it was reminded to the client what we are here for and must stay focused on the task at hand. Also, I wanted to explain to the client about my past drinking experiences but I felt that it may not be proper, especially not in the initial interview. In regards to multicultural competence, I feel fairly comfortable with all aspects of it. I do not feel uncomfortable around anyone and I respect all differences and individual thinking. Using consistent eye contact and positive facial expressions were easy to demonstrate as I tend to naturally be a good listener and is always interested in helping. One non verbal cue I found to be difficult is body language. When I get into a get conversation, I tend to lean back a cross my legs. I feel I need...
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