Counseling Children

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Gabriella Henson’s Ambition to Personal Development
Shavon R. Bashir
Northern Illinois University

Counseling Children Semester Project
Client Background Information
Gabriella Henson is an 11-year-old Italian/Polish American female. She is 4’9” and weighs 80 pounds, with light blonde hair. Gabriella is a family oriented individual. Gabriella is one of two children in her immediate family; she has one older brother, Richard, who is 17 years old with whom she has a close relationship even though there is an age gap between the two. She lives with her grandmother, mother, and her brother. Her parents recently divorced, which unfortunately led to her not having a close relationship with her father. She also values her Roman Catholic faith. English is the primary language spoken at home. Gabriella is in the sixth grade and considers herself to be an average student. She currently is receiving As, Bs, and one C on her report card, but she is working on improving her grades. Her health condition is excellent. She is currently involved in multiple extra-curricular activities, where she actively participates in cheerleading, volleyball, softball, and dance. Gabriella enjoys attending local festivals and parks with her family and spending time with her close friends. I was introduced to my client by her mother, who I work with at the hospital. This is Gabriella’s first encounter with a counselor. She is extremely excited and looks forward to this experience.

She shared that she is open to discuss concerns during our sessions. During the initial visit, she expressed to me that she has been experiencing difficulty with some classes. She commented that she tries as hard as she can but would like to learn new studying techniques. She believes these strategies will help improve her grades. Another concern she addressed was her relationship with her father. She stated that she would like to develop a strong relationship with him. She also would like to stop talking back to her mother, something she feels is disrespectful and that this bad habit needs to eliminated. Gabriella expressed that a strength of hers is her artistic ability, while her inability to control her mouth at times is a weakness. Family Genogram

I expressed to Gabriella that we were going to design a family genogram (see Appendix B). I explained to her that it was similar to a family tree. I informed her that we could include as many family members as she would like. We completed the genogram together. During this process, she was able to open up to me and share information about her family. I showed her that a circle symbolizes a female and a square a male. While completing the genogram, I asked her which of those individuals have passed away, explaining to her that we needed to place an X symbolizing those family members. I learned that she values her family very much. She was able to indicate all of her uncles, along with their ages. She stated that she was close to her uncle’s wife, whom she refers to her as her aunt Maria, but would like to keep the genogram to just blood relatives. Gabriella loves her parents and wishes that they were still together. Description of Rapport Building Activity

The “non-talk” activity we chose was picture drawings. It was titled ‘Life through Multiple Eyes.’ I had Gabriella draw two pictures (see Appendix C). I told her that she could spend as much time as she needed on her drawings. One picture expressed how she feels outsiders view her life and the other picture showed how she views her life. It was designed to express Gabriella’s thought process. We decided on this activity because she enjoys drawing and it would bring out her artistic side. I was curious to see what her drawings were going to turn out like. She illustrated detail and took the time to color the pictures as well.

This activity was beneficial because it gave me the opportunity to see some thoughts that Gabriella had in a non-verbal approach. She...
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