Counseling Case Study (Groninga)

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“CHANGING BEHAVIOUR” Traineeship Report


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Development Case Study
1. Introduction
This paper presents the study and development of a client after making a counseling program for 8 weeks (starting on December 3, 2012 and ending on February 8, 2013). The client is 25 years old, is a quiet person, very thoughtful and just start being physically active interest first. Have a proper diet, not smoking and not drinking alcohol almost. However, it has a slightly overweight and low physical fitness. Below a description is made of the whole process, from the first interview to at the end of the intervention. It is structured as follows: Intake, Goals, Barriers, Strategies and Evolution.

2. Intake
2.1. Settings The place chosen for the meetings is William Alexander Sportcentrum, any of its areas of open space is appropriate for the type of intervention that we will do as the client is a student and will feel comfortable in this area. The idea is therefore that, choose an appropriate site and that also represents the goal of our intervention as it is a sports center with facilities for physical activity. 2.2. Presentation When the customer came to his first interview I thanked her interest in the program and his participation. We had a little conversation with very general and neutral questions such as: What do you study? Where are you from? How long you been in Groningen? Etc. After breaking the ice and try to create a comfortable climate, I made my presentation. I told him who I am what I do and how I got to be his counselor. Finally, before you start the interview, I made a small introduction to what counseling: It was informed that the intervention would consist of a series of scheduled sessions fairly flexible, which would last approximately 60 minutes per session during which would work on the issues that are necessary to carry out our goal: a behavior change.

3. Goals
3.1. Current lifestyle As for his personality, he is a very friendly guy who gives much value to social relations. Also he is a very thoughtful person who considers himself very self-critical.

Regarding his lifestyle, he is a student of geography and is currently completing his final year of study. He finished his exams shortly before surgery and within two or three months will begin his thesis. His eating habits are pretty healthy. He eats in orderly and specific times, a varied diet and has good food in general education once a week but allowed some quirk. (As he says) Physically it is an inactive person, but a month before the intervention began practicing skateboarding. The customer goes once a week to skate classes and now he is excited about the activity. For the rest, he has not done or done before any physical activity or sport frequently. As for their social support, now he has friends in Groningen that meets the weekends and sometimes during the week. As for the present one, this environment will not be a great support to him because his friends are not physically active. 3.2. Past behavior Regarding his diet, just say he has a good food education and this is not a threat, not a goal to change. It is a reinforcement that will help us in our intervention. Actively, the client has not practiced regular physical activity ever because he never felt motivation. Neither in his family there was no one who practiced physical activity nor in the rest of his social environments. So he grew up without anyone to instill this type of behavior. Previously he had never worried about his physical fitness but now that he is interested in skateboarding, he has proven that his poor form lets not improve what he would like. In short, he never experienced failure since it is now the first time that puts his interest in fitness. 3.3. Motivation, goals and objectives In this section, I analyze what are the reasons that lead the client to change his behavior at this time...
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