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Topics: School counselor, Art, Interior design Pages: 5 (1844 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Garrett Ramirez
Coun 191
April 10, 2013

1. Growing up I babysat my little brother. It required my attention, patience, and nurture. Through it I learned the need for these skills when dealing with people in my daily life, whether it is at home, school, or in the work place. Another task I performed was washing cars. Doing this involved the use of determination, and persistence, through this I learned to be grateful for any job you may have. When I was younger I was a tutor at the Boys and Girls Club. Working with kids requires patience, attention and understanding. Another task I would perform was the common house chores; I utilized persistence, patience, and organizational skills to complete each task. I learned that using organization in long tasks can be helpful in finishing sooner. I was also in charge of recycling in my house. I would use my organizational skills to get the job done, and I learned that certain jobs can be personally beneficial. When I was older I had the chance to volunteer in Relay 4 Life, a beneficial cancer walk involving different teams. My job was to create T-shirts for my team using spray cans and my stenciling skills, I leaned how self-rewarding this job could be. I also had the opportunity to referee soccer games, which involved the use of quick judgment skills. I learned how it feels to have the pressure of every ones actions being based off your decisions. My current job is working with my dad in landscaping. I would use my strength, judgment, patience, and self-discipline skills to get me through the day. Through working with my father I learned that hard labor is not a fun job to have to wake up to everyday and not a field I want to pursue.

With all of the skills and qualities I have accumulated from my previous and current jobs, I can be prepared with a variety of talents I can easily apply in my future career. 2. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing one’s profession. Some of the most important influences are one’s personality, interests and values. For example, my Self-Directed Search survey depicted me as social, artistic and realistic, meaning that I am a very ‘cooperative’, ‘patient’, and ‘understanding’ person. I enjoy helping others, so I am likely to enjoy a career in which I can do so on a daily basis.

When I completed the SDS it analyzed me as social with a score of 27, artistic at 23, and realistic at 21. The social archetype enjoys helping, teaching, and counseling as opposed to work with machinery or technology. The artistic person is generally more creative and interested in self-expression. This is a very accurate depiction of me, as I often paint, draw, and stencil and enjoy expressing myself and my emotions through art. My final description was ‘realistic.’ This type of person enjoys working with things as opposed to people- the complete opposite of my social description. However, I do not feel this portrayal is accurate of my personality. I do not ever see myself working a job where I interact more with machinery and equipment than with people, especially since my main description is a social person.

After taking the SDS and learning the type of person I am, I have a general idea of the types of jobs I would excel at and enjoy. These jobs would be anything similar to art exhibit designing, counseling, interior design, or any career that involves plenty of interaction with others as well as the freedom to showcase my creativity.

3. Through the career options I developed on the O net database and the occupations outlook handbook I was able to derive a few jobs I was actually very interested in. For example a career as an Art Teacher, really caught my attention because I love art and I think I would have a fun time promoting art in the lives of some high school students, just like my art teachers did with me. The programs also presented me with a job as an artist. Doing things like drawing, and painting, things I...
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