Coulters Difference Between England and Poland

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  • Published : May 18, 2009
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Me and my fionce moved here to UK in 2006 december,and I have to say that we very happy here:D!It's lots of difference between England -Poland ex:coltures,religion,food,people,languages,hospitality. The worse part is,that we miss our families:(Polish families are very close and the support that we get from family it's amazing.It's very difficult to get enough ,,warm,,from them,when they stay there,and we here.We miss our friends,mummies food. The costs of living in Britain and Poland are compared, services such as water, gas, electricity and telephones cost the same and petrol only cost a little more in Britain than in Poland. Food costs only twice as much in London than it does in Poland. Housing and accommodation is expensive in Britain but probably is no more expensive than in Poland, when one relates it to the wages in Britain. In Britain one undoubtedly has more surplus money for saving and for pleasure. In Britain one also has time for pleasure and relaxation because there is far less abuse of employees by employers. In Poland an employee may have a contract that stipulates the number of hours per month, but one finds that generally employers, Poles and foreigners alike, intimidate employees into working twenty-five perhaps even forty per cent more hours. Culture may have its sources in different aspects of human life, as: language, nationality, education, profession, group, religion, family, social class, corporate culture. All these elements influence every member of a society and thus, culture is learnt and transmitted to others. Differences between people within any given nation or culture are much greater than differences between groups. Polish people and British, although have a lot of common in terms of historical inheritance, they vary in many aspects of social life and these differences naturally affect the behaviour and culture. Much of the differences in culture have to do with superstitions. Many of today’s traditions and...
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