Topics: Coulrophobia, Evil clown, Clown Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: June 21, 2012
Clown Phobia (Coulrophobia)
Mary Jane Oakley
SOCL215-1202B-22/Colorado Technical University
Instructor: Joelouie Genus
May 23, 2012

Phase 1 DB 2
After conducting the interviewing process in Clown Phobia, I found it to be very interesting in the answers that I have received. The person that I interviewed that was under the age of 40 had given me the following responses. When asked if they liked clowns and what they thought about them, their reply was that they found them to be funny on how they picked on each other. This person was not scared of them at all and found that all clowns, that they had seen were very colorful had big feet and funny hair. On the other hand, when interviewing the person over 40, they gave similar answers. This person said that they liked when the clowns would honk their noses and that their noses were big, red, and would honk. They also commented that they liked when the clowns would wear dotted clothes. She also replied that she was not at all scared of them.

The research page that I chose on the sociological aspects, were very interesting. This site offered a test to take to see what level of fear that you had in clown phobia. I took this test and the results were moderate fear of clowns. ( -50k) Go to this web site and to take the test click on the test. It will give you immediate results. When I was young, I was terrified of clowns. Then when I became a teenager and watched “Chucky” and the fear became worse. As a grown woman now, I grew out of the fear but have different issues with clowns now. I am a major in Science of Criminal Justice and Human Resources to help the young youth and teens from foster care, detention centers and in house visiting to help the children to learn how to live productive, independent lives and to pursue their dreams. I feel that what has happened in our culture today is people are more cautious with clowns because most children think that...
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