Could the Wwi Be Avoided?

Topics: World War I, Schlieffen Plan, Russian Empire Pages: 4 (1193 words) Published: January 30, 2013
The World War I could be avoided because of:

1. Uncertainty of Great Britain

Germany planned on conquering France in a short time period and then eliminate it from the war, after which they would carry on to the Eastern front where they would take on Russia (which wouldn’t have made it in time to help France). On the other side, in Great Britain the Foreign Minister, Sir Edward Grey held a conference meeting in July 1912, in which he stated that Britain would start a war only should Belgium be in danger. However, Germans neglected this and they did not expect Britain to support France. Now, had the British clearly stated at the conference meeting, that they are on the French side, Germany would most probably have given up its plan, not wishing to fight on two fronts, and that is how the war could have been avoided.

2. The Russian myth of “invincibility”

In 1903, Russia rejected Japan’s offer to share interests in Korea and Manchuria. Japan then successfully attacked Russia and destroyed its entire fleet. The U.S. president, Theodore Roosevelt made a peace treaty between Japan and Russia through which Japan benefited materialistically, while Russia was deprived of its myth of “invincibility”. This led to great revolutions, which the Russian Tsar Nicholas II thought could only be extinguished through war. If the Russians hadn’t lost their prestige and title of invincibility, perhaps they wouldn’t have had the need for war, and the World War could have been avoided.

3. Pan Slavic pretensions

After the various wars held in the Balkans with Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, the countries there finally achieved independence and stability but they never united as one whole Pan Slavic nation, with Russia as their leader. Since Russia wanted to put out the revolutions brought on due to its defeat from war with Japan, it decided to defend Serbia in the war with Austria Hungary so it could achieve its Pan Slavic pretensions and gain power once again....
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