Could the Use of Online Social Networking for Academic Purposes Enhance or Endanger the Student Experience at University?

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Could the use of online social networking for academic purposes enhance or endanger the student experience at university?

Ms.Louise Edensor

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Could the use of online social networking for academic purposes enhance or endanger the student experience at university?

Social net workings are the connections and relationships made by individuals on various platforms where they are able to share information with each other. The information shared varies from professional to personal. One such popular platform is the internet. The creation of online social networking sites (OSNs) such as Facebook, My Space, and Twitter has enabled people to communicate and share information globally. Although created for entertainment purposes, recent studies show that OSNs are not just tools of entertainment but can be used to enhance a student’s educational experience. The focus of this essay is to portray that OSNs hinder a student’s academic experience at university using the OSN Facebook as the basis for the argument. The essay will evaluate both the benefits and detriments of using OSNs in academics and will conclude to show how OSNs jeopardize student learning experience. The growth of social networking in recent years has proven to be beneficial for academic progress. Social networking sites (SNs) such as Facebook have become a constant element in a student’s academic experience, affecting different areas of perception. From an academic point of view, OSNs function as a learning environment where students are exposed to diversity of opinion. A recent survey indicates that the survey takers who were students agreed to certain extent that discussion forums on Facebook provide varied opinions and views of a subject. The results imply that OSNs improve student learning by engaging in self-initiated learning where students are open to multiple sources of information and feedback allowing them to broaden their learning horizons....
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