Cougar: Age Disparity in Sexual Relationships and Significantly Younger Men

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Lauren Corley
Social Type
June 20, 2011
Social Type: The Cougar
Definition: The definition of a cougar is an older woman anywhere from 35 and up that pursues sexual relations with significantly younger men. Cougars are attracted to and only go after men many years younger than they are. Cougars normally just look for sex in these relationships and do not plan on being in a committed relationship with the younger man. Cougars often dress very young by wearing tight clothes, lots of make up, and 5 inch heels. Many cougars bleach their hair, attend tanning beds daily, workout daily, have implants, and have undergone numerous amounts of plastic surgeries. They constantly work at keeping themselves as young as possible. Cougars search for men who are good looking and appear confident with themselves. Cougars are usually divorced women looking for sex to fulfill their needs. All in all, these types of women are highly attracted to young men and are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want.

Typology: There are many types of cougars, but the three most common are the rookie cougar, the typical cougar, and the wannabe cougar. The rookie cougar is the one still on the edge of becoming a cougar. She is undecided and plays the field to see if she is really interested. The rookie cougar starts hanging out in places where her other cougar friends may hang out. She tries it out and decides if she really can handle the cougar lifestyle. The rookie cougars tend to wear tight clothes but not as tight as the typical cougar. They try their best to load on the makeup to attract the younger guys attention. The rookie cougars may not know about the relationships that come along with the cougar lifestyle. The relationships are strictly sex and nothing more, and the rookie cougar may have a hard time adjusting to not having a committed relationship.

The typical cougar is the cougar that most people see out in public. These women are over the age of...
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