Cotton Candy Land

Topics: English-language films, Confectionery, Ontology Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: May 21, 2012
For all well-behaved children, boys and girls, there exists a magical place which no adults can find. Some call it happiness, some call it joy, but mostly all children call it a dream come true. Though not many people believe in the existence of this place, it does not make it any less real. The place holds all things little children could possibly dream of. It was called Cotton Candy Land. A child’s love for cotton candy goes beyond words. Not only do they want it in every flavor but they want the candy to never end, and that is what Cotton Candy Land is. There is a cotton candy in every flavor imaginable to mankind and it is bottomless. The best thing about it is that no child can ever get sick from eating too much candy in Cotton Candy Land. Needless to say, the place was truly blessed with a hint of magic dust. Once upon a time ago, Cotton Candy Land was ruled by Princess Vanilla. She was daughter of King Pistachio and Queen Macadamia. Both the Kind and Queen decided to leave Cotton Candy Land in the hands on Princess Vanilla, to give her more responsibility. Princess Vanilla was only 8 years old, but she already had possessed her mother’s graceful charm and her father’s wit and humor. There was no doubt; this 8 year old can take reign of Cotton Candy Land. However, Princess Vanilla was quite unhappy. She was the only child in the whole of Cotton Candy Land. There lived no other humans in Cotton Candy Land, only other animals and their babies. Her best friends are Miss Golliwog the Porcupine, Mr Timpu the Giant Tortoise and Mrs Pilligog the Giraffe. She wished there were other children to enjoy the Cotton Candies with her as these animals don’t quite enjoy Cotton Candies as much as she did. They didn’t know how to create a floating castle out of Cotton Candy or even a fluffy bed to jump on. She truly was lonely. So Princess Vanilla decided to venture out one day into the forest. She needed to find some friends for her to play with. With just her yellow...
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