Cottle Case

Topics: Marketing, Toothbrush, Oral hygiene Pages: 4 (1214 words) Published: October 3, 2012

1. a) What factors determine the demand for toothbrushes? As we read through the case we find there are various factors that influence the demand for toothbrushes which is affected by both social and economical factors. These factors are:

* Affordability: The economic conditions that prevail in the markets, this focuses on the amount of disposable income and the income of the consumers and can they even afford to buy a toothbrush or not, so affordability is one of the major factors of demand, as it has been mentioned in the case that even in this new era people are yet using the traditional ways of cleaning their teeth. * Oral hygiene Awareness: Though affordability does play an important role in determining the demand, but it also depends on the level of understanding and awareness the consumers have about the importance of oral hygiene and how to what are the key differences between good and poor quality products in the market. * Frequency of use: another major element of that contributes to demand is the amount of times a consumer brushes his teeth, the more the use the more quickly the brush would wear down, requiring a change for new one. * Distribution and accessibility: A consumer can have all the money in the world, with all the required information but all of this becomes useless if the product is not available or accessible by him easily. The readily availability depends on the distribution of the toothbrushes, so the ease with which product is accessible contributes to demands as well. * Advertisement and promotions: High degree of awareness can be created through effective advertising and promotions of the toothbrush. * Competitors: The competitors can have a major influence on consumer thus affecting the demand. * Dental professionals: Consumers are most affected when something is told by people who they think are credible and competent,...
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