Cottingley Fairies

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Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths

Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths were cousins responsible for the hoax of the Cottingley Fairies in 1917. At first, they took a couple of photographs claiming them to be real to Elsie's father, who didn't believe it. However, her mother was a strong believer of the supernatural and took the photographs as evidence to a lecture on spiritulism. The girls were urged to take three more photos and they were brought to the wider public. In 1981, Elsie Wright confessed in an interview that she had infact just taken cutouts of Princess Mary's Gift Book and attached the 'fairies' amongst scenery using hat pins, but both insisted they had seen real fairies.

The image below is the first one of five that were taken. The images were developed using Elsie's fathers homemade dark room, as he was an amateur photographer. The composition of the image shows Frances not looking at the fairies but looking past them, this could signify that she was merely used to their presence. However, it's known now that she knew them to be fake and didn't express false amazement. The image is black and white which was typical for the time period, coloured photos were much more expensive, and gives a sense of traditional fairy tales.

The next image is the third of the five images. It shows Elsie looking at one of the 'fairies'. The images gave me an idea to use either use photoshop or to cut out some fairies and do the same technique as Elsie and Frances used. Using photographs will also add to my media.
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