Cotkin and Arendt on Adolf Eichmann

Topics: Adolf Eichmann, Nazi Germany, The Holocaust Pages: 3 (1184 words) Published: May 1, 2012
Adolf Eichmann organized the mass deportation and attempt to exterminate all Jewish people from Germany and other countries. While he was in the field or at his desk, he was the center of Nazi genocide. He was the man in charge and responsible for shipping over 2 million Jews to their deaths in Auschwitz and many other death camps. Hannah Arendt has portrayed Eichmann illustrates “the banality of evil”. Adolf Eichmann was born into a middle class family and never completed his education. Although he was not considered the smartest, he was good at making deliveries and shipments while working for an oil company. Little did he know he would be doing the same job but with people. Eichmann joined a Nazi association in August of 1933, and went into military training for a year to become an SS officer. In the year 1938, Eichmann organized a central office for Jewish Emigration. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum states it is estimated that over 110,000 Hungarian Jews went through this central office under his instruction in a little under a year. After World War II had broke out, he began organizing mass deportations of Jews in attempt to make Germany Jewish free. Eichmann moved was promoted to director of “Clearing activities.” In 1941 he deported over 1.5 million Jews to all over Europe to the killing and work sites known as concentration camps. Whether he was at his desk in his office, or in the field, he was seen as the center of the extermination. As the war ended, Eichmann was taken by the United States and was in our custody. It is believed that Eichmann in the end sent over 2 million people to their deaths in Auschwitz and other death camps. Adolf Eichmann’s trial was held in Jerusalem in 1961 and lasts a little over a year. He was hanged May 31, 1962. Adolf Eichmann was essentially the middle man who claimed to have only been follow orders by his commanding officers. This was his biggest defense statement. Hannah Arendt believes that Adolf Eichmann...
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