Costume Design Paper (Hayfever)

Topics: Costume design, Dress, Clothing terminology Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Malaya Garrett
Oct. 09,2012
Costume Workshop
Katharine Garlick

Hay Fever Costume Designs
With every great show come magnificent costumes. The costume designer for Hay Fever (Laura Hucik) did a great job capturing the personality of each and every character into her choice of designs. My utmost desired characters by far were Judith and Myra their costumes were brilliantly designed. Judith played an extremely dramatic and over the top retired actress her costumes matched her theatrical attitude from gardening in a sundress to pajamas. In scene I her gardening dress was a light green chiffon fabric, which was wrapped with a different type of fabric that added a flower around her waist. She also wore a straw sun hat that wrapped around the top with red chiffon looking fabric, and her perfect garden outfit came together with gloves and rain boots accessories. Secondly, in scene II Judith wore an extravagant evening gown that consisted of my favorite color and pattern cheetah print and a deep royal red. This gown was a rich royal red silk fabric and was accented by cheetah print silk fabric that draped on one side of her body. There was also black beading around the edges of her dress. This dress was accessorized with a headpiece and hand prop that matched her garment. Lastly, in scene III Judith wore a costume that portrayed pajamas that consisted of a robe that had everything you could imagine on it from feathers, to tassels. I loved the extreme of her pajamas the bright orange feather boa matched her diva personality so perfect. Judith costumes were well put together and more lovable and funny.

My next favorite character was Myra. I feel like if I were a woman in that time period that I would dress like Myra. Although her personality was snobby her wardrobe choices made me favor her character more and more with every scene. My favorite costume of hers was the flapper evening costume. That garment had so much detail in that single dress, which made it...
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