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Activity-Based Costing: Introduction
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Cost & Effect: Using Integrated Cost Systems to Drive Profitability and Performance By

Robert S. Kaplan and Robin Cooper

Harvard Business School Press Boston, Massachusetts

ISBN-13: 978-1-4221-1596-1


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Activity-Based Costing: Introduction
We discussed, in Chapter 3, the failures of Stage II standard cost and flexible budgeting systems to provide relevant information about operational improvements and about the costs of organizational processes, products, and customers. Chapters 4 and 5 dealt with the first major component of Stage III cost systems, the systems to provide financial and nonfinancial measurements that will promote employee continuous improvement activities. In this chapter we introduce the innovation of activity-based costing (ABC) as the second major component of Stage III cost systems. ABC systems require a new kind of thinking. Traditional (Stage II) cost systems are the answer to the question, ‘‘How can the organization allocate costs for financial reporting and for departmental cost control?’’ ABC systems address an entirely different set of questions: 1. What activities are being performed by the organizational resources? 2. How much does it cost to perform organizational activities and business processes? 3. Why does the organization need to perform activities and business processes? 4. How much of each activity is required for the organization’s products, services, and customers? A properly constructed ABC model provides the answers to these questions. An ABC model is an economic map of the organization’s expenses and profitability based on organizational activities. Perhaps referring to it as an activity-based economic map rather than as a cost system clarifies its purpose. Can one drive from one location to another without a map? Can one build a house without a set of architectural drawings? Absolutely. If a



manager is working in familiar territory (either a drive we’ve taken or a house we have built hundreds of times before), the manager can rely on experience and good judgment for a successful outcome. But when the territory is new, and conditions have changed in important ways from prior experience, that’s when an information system like a good map or a good set of drawings becomes invaluable. For companies operating in stable environments, with mature products that the company has extensive experience producing and with stable customer relationships, the company’s traditional Stage II cost system, or perhaps no cost system at all, can guide operations. But if the company is producing many new products, introducing new processes, reaching new customers, and satisfying many more customer demands, it is easy for the company to get lost, economically, as it operates in a new environment. An activity-based cost system provides companies with an economic...
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