Topics: Management, Strategic management, Porter five forces analysis Pages: 2 (310 words) Published: December 22, 2012
Title;strategic analysis of a company Presented to the sunderland university.

Contents to the analysis :
Location of the section of reports will be there.
Abc the large named company ,this company are selling various kinds of products .it is a very much reputed company.this company are using porters five forces model because they are helpful for thi s model.thi s company always serve the people very nicely.they have so many branches in ahe uk.they sell food and various kinds of they are in 10% of market holding company as a two class market leader. Description:

This company is extended whole over the also affected by world economy,like as political ,social,technological and other describe more spesificaly I have choosen pestel ,it will help me to analyse more macro affects,and evaluate the top level management find the organization for current and future advantages and disadvantages I thought swot analysis will be perfect path.

The porters five forses modewill be apply on this larger company to disscuss their 2011 financial strategy ,present position and the target plan. Porters five forses model are:
1.threat of new competition.
2.threat of substitute products or service. .
3. bargaining power of customer .
4.bargaining power of suppliers.
5.intensity of competitive rivalry.

I the company are changing their strategy ,so they are thinking about porters five model.this is because ,they will use this five forses in their company ,then they can see that how the company will work.they just use this theory and after that they direcly practise this five forses In their company. Conclusion:

Their will be mention options and clarifications to the plans and actions of the companys strategic management.some of...
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