Costa Rica

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Costa Rica
Costa Rica
By: Micah Shibley

Ever since I got home from my trip to Costa Rica I haven’t been able to take my mind off the amazing things I did there. Whenever I’m at school learning stuff I already now or stuff I have no idea what it means I just image myself snorkeling or taking a hike or watching animals in the wild that I normally have to go the zoo to see. I have decided that I am going to save all the money I get or make for when I’m older so I can go back. I know your probably thinking Micah your only 13 years old and you are already saving money for something you are probably not even gonna do. I just can’t get Costa Rica off my mind and I went 2 years ago!!!!!!So I’m gonna try to write some of my ideas for the future down. High school class ideas:

* Spanish
* Art
* Theater
* Language Arts
* Math
* Choir
* Social Studies
* English
* Science

This is the trickiest thing I think because I can’t go to college in Costa Rica well I can only I don’t want to and I promised my best friend Tayah that we would share an apartment through are college years only what if I meet an amazing guy or get an awesome job?? So now I’m going to write some places I might go to college... * Portland State University

* Oregon State University
* University of Portland
* Lewis and Clark College
* University of Oregon
* University of Virginia
* University of Idaho
* Harvard University
* University of New York

Okay I also was thinking about once I go to Costa Rica how am I gonna make money to stay there? I have a couple good ideas but I don’t know... * Yoga Instructor
* Tour Guide
* Waitress
* Art Teacher
* Therapist
* Kid Doctor
* Life Guard
* Professional Soccer Player
* Owner of a Gift Shop

Now I’m going to write everything that I remember even the littlest details from that trip. Ok here it goes………… When we first touched down in Costa Rica (sorry...
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