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Topics: National Football League, American football, National Collegiate Athletic Association Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: March 31, 2013
'Cost of Living' Stipends for Student-Athletes Are Just, But Cheating Will Continue hsjnb c c
My first issue that i chose was a national issue that has been common theme of talk in the college ranks College players getting paid to play sports. In the article it states the facts on why they should not get paid and really states the proper way to compensate college athletes. This is an issue that we talked about in the class and it really interested me how they have not came up with any solution to pay athletes. In the article he covers what benefits scholarships do and don't have. He talks about the cost of living stipend that should be implemented into scholarships and how what the schools and leagues makes would make this easy to happen and would benefit everyone without spending that much extra money. He also does mention in the end that even though this is a good solution the questions would still rise weather there will be cheating in college sports. The growing knowledge is that the big name schools will dominate the recruiting scene if they start paying college athletes because they make so much more money than anyone else.

Aon To Assist NFL’s Drive Into UK Market

My second issue is a global issue from the NFL and them wanting to expand the game to different countries. for the past six years the NFL has played a game in the UK. As of today there are talks of expanding from one game a year to two games a year and maybe even a team in the UK as soon as 2016. The goal and the objective is to bring a new audience and create more job opportunities for people in the UK. In the article it talks about a sponsor Aon that will help the NFL in trying ti get a team by supporting them year to year. It talks about how they will help with marketing, communication, health care, retirement those types. This just shows how the sport of football is globalizing throughout the world because it is so much popular than any...
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