 Cost Benefit Analysis on the Construction of a Community Centre in Berekuso.

Topics: Construction, Costs, Community Pages: 26 (8242 words) Published: May 21, 2012
Section One
The millennium Development agenda of the economy’s policymakers includes the attainment of a middle income status. One of the significant characteristics of this state of an economy is the planned nature of the physical structures in the economy. Planned infrastructure in itself enhances growth of the economy in terms of productivity of labour and also places the economy on the pedestal for growth to a developed state. The strategic location and management of space with respect to the structures (physical) in the economy when planned will lead to workers- for instance, being able to put in more labour-hours of work. The effects are very easy to observe in the services sector where lateness of personnel like a health specialist do sometimes result in the death of people who would also have added to output in the economy through the various productive activities. This is because routes to work especially in developing countries- because of the associated congestion, consume almost twenty percent (20%) of labour- hours on average and this in turn affects productivity and output of the economy. Even after production has taken place, the task of distribution is also affected greatly by the planning of a township. Distribution costs, which include cost of fuel, rises because of things like traffic jams that make vehicles spend more time than they should in getting to their destination which translates to an increase in the price of the product ( for a normal good case ). If businesses (factories, warehouses, shops, retail joints, food vendors and service providers like barbering shops, salons, etc.), company buildings, health facilities (clinics and hospitals), entertainment avenues and residences are well located within a town such that they do not interfere or are not interfered with by other activities negatively, it will go a long way to engineer growth in the economy. Slums have sprung up in some of these towns and suburbs whose development has been neglected by the town planning authorities. If the area is a route to a major business centre as is the case of Jamestown in Accra, most workers get to their places of work mentally tired in addition to having lost valuable hours of productive work. One of the major causes of these imbalances in the society is the availability of a venue for the organization of these social functions like funerals, parties, weddings, naming ceremonies, etc. For towns like Jamestown, the sales of lands seem not to be structured hence the resulting situation of structures springing up anywhere. The purchasers of these lands make no provision for pavements, food joints and the like, apart from the ones built during the colonial era. For this reason, residents have had to occupy the fronts of their houses with kiosks in which small retail activities are carried out. Some actually sell or rent out the pieces of land in front of their homes to food vendors. These people end up putting up house in these structures, gradually creating unplanned settlements and/or slums. The family system in Ghana is also such that relatives outside the nuclear family stay in the same house. This has implications for the structure of the town which will invariably affect growth of the economy, sometimes negatively as earlier indicated. Due to extended family system of Ghana, most houses undergo extension as the occupants increase in number. Using Jamestown as an example again, the expansion of these houses has led to the use up of the compounds for the construction of more dwelling places. Another implication that has arisen is the situation where social activities like naming ceremonies and funerals due to lack of space or unavailability of a more suitable venue, are held on streets, and with canopies erected for the participants and guests. These programs are held both on weekdays and weekends. Some monies are paid to ‘corrupt’ officials of the town and country planning authority who...
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