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  cost and benefits at asda

Teacher guide Costs and benefits of T&D - ASDA
Where does the lesson fit? This session would follow a general introduction to training and development in an HR or People in Business module.

Suggested resources & activities related to costs and benefits of training and development and ASDA • • • • • • Full ASDA case study Costs and benefits of T&D PowerPoint Training and development lesson resources (introductory session) ASDA crossword ASDA word search ASDA quiz

Suggested timings for the session 10 mins 5 mins 5 mins 15 mins 15 mins 15 mins Starter e.g. ASDA crossword Use the PowerPoint to discuss the topic area Read the case study Answer the questions Task – research the costs of a GP’s training course What have you learned?

Answers to questions 1. Using the last paragraph, identify what is expected from the investment in training and development at ASDA? The investment in T&D should help the business achieve its objectives and contribute to improving ASDA’s overall business performance. 2. Development of colleagues allows ASDA to fill 80% of appointments through internal promotion. Describe why it would prefer to do this than appoint workers from outside the organisation. • Internal promotion is more cost effective than external recruitment • Providing career progression is motivating for workers • Existing workers already know the culture and expectations of the business


The business will already know the candidates when internal recruitment is carried out

3. Explain the costs that may be involved in the training and development of General Store Managers at ASDA Costs may include: • The development of the dedicated Stores of Learning (SoLs) • Time out of store for training courses, and any necessary cover costs associated with this • Mentors’ and coaches’ time • Resources required e.g. training packs • Travelling expenses • Cost of training...
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