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  • Published : November 10, 2010
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Identify value chain activities
Main activities:
a.Investment activities, such as receiving, storage and configuration and other related activities; b.Production operation, forthcoming input into the end product of related activities; c.Productive activities, such as finished goods transportation, storage, customer contact, order processing, etc. d.Sales activities to let customers understand and buying of goods, such as advertising, promotion, marketing agency costs, etc; e.Service activities, including training, repair, maintenance, components renewal etc, aiming at improving the added value of products. Auxiliary activities:

a.Procurement activities, to refer to the purchase of used in enterprise value chain all investment activities, such as purchasing raw materials, supplies, fixed asset under acquisition and construction; etc; b.Technology development activities, the all value activities involve technical composition, such as new product development, technical renovation, trademark, patent, special technology, software development, etc; c.Human resource management activities, including employee recruitment, training, development and stimulation, d.Enterprise infrastructure, Such as factory facilities, machinery, equipment and other hardware, also including overall management, planning, finance, law, quality management, public relations such as large software. Enterprise value activities have other classification, such as according to the relationship, can be divided into three kinds: (1), direct activities, refers to the buyer directly for creating value activities, such as supply, production, sales and other activities, (2) indirect activities, it means ensuring directly activities of continuous possible activities, these activities range, more content, easily neglected; (3) quality assurance activities, those ensure enterprise various value activities quality activities, such as trademark registration, legal adviser such assets restructuring,...
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