Cosmo Plastics Case Study

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  • Published : October 23, 2010
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Cosmo Plastics Case Study
Human Resource Management

Cosmo plastics have had low production numbers within the manufacturing and research & development departments since new policies were implemented by so and so. The rules may have seemed reasonable on the surface but they have caused numerous problems with the workers and their supervisors. Since Cosmo plastics was growing so rapidly they were lacking in regards to rules, regulations and policies. This was a necessary step because policies are imperative and necessary for the company to function effectively and efficiently. An employee should never feel as if they reside in a free-for-all atmosphere that consists of preferential and/or unfair treatment.

What Contributed to the Issues

1. The new policy implementation, in this case, was done inappropriately and without consideration for its’ employees. When confronted with change, especially when it is enforced by a business, employees will become emotional. So can the managers who try to administer these changes. One of the many causes of low morale in the workplace is due to employees not feeling that their opinions or inputs matter within the organization. This is largely caused by lack of communication between the employees and management. By involving the people who are affected by the changes you can see if they agree with, or at least understand, the need for them. It also gives them a chance to decide how the changes can or will be managed and can make them feel like part of the process. When the employees see that their opinions are valued in the company, it will surely help in enhancing their productivity. Involving and informing people also creates opportunities for others to participate in the process of planning and implementing the changes, which lightens management’s burden in the long run by spreading the organizational load. It also helps create a sense of ownership and familiarity among the people affected. The responsibility...
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