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  • Published : September 19, 2011
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When watching or listening to TV shows, music and movies, we don’t stop to realize the true meanings behind the fun and carefree front. For example, Dora the Explorer, Pocahontas, and I Am the Walrus by the Beetles, all have deeper Cosmic Humanist meanings behind them.

Dora the Explorer is a well known kids TV program all over the world. Dora is a young girl who goes out with her monkey friend Boots and solves mysteries on where misplaced items or hard to find locations may be. Dora uses the aid of her talking map and backpack that both supply her with the items and tools she needs to find what she may be looking for. The Cosmic Humanist meaning behind Dora the Explorer is that all things are divine, or a part of God: people, rocks, trees, stars, etc. Also since these rocks, trees and stars are divine they too have a spirit and a life. As in the beloved Dora, her friends, the monkey Boots, the backpack, and the map, all come to life and have names, personalities, and spirits, and they are all able to talk and inner act with Dora to help her find her way. When Dora calls on her back pack to give her supplies, the backpack comes to life and sings a song. The same scenario when Dora calls on her map for directions. The map sings, “I’m the map I’m the map, if there’s a place you wanna go I’m the one you need to know…” This same concept of animals and objects coming to life appears in many children’s movies also.

Pocahontas has been a loved movie for years. But many people like myself have yet to look deeper into the meaning behind the talking animals and trees we love in the movie. As with Dora the Explorer we know that Cosmic Humanists believe all things are divine. A quote from a song in Pocahontas confirms this Cosmic Humanist belief, “I know every rock and tree and creature has a life, has a sprit, has a name.” The willow tree that Pocahontas turns to for guidance in the movie is an example of this. Pocahontas goes to the willow tree...
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