Cosmic Creation

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Cosmic Creation Myths A cross Cultures
Jesse Sanchez
HUM/ 105
April 29,2013
Dr. John R. Shumate

Cosmic Creation Myths A cross Cultures
After reviewing and researching the many creations of Myths I have finally narrowed it down to two creations that are excite me to tell you about. Egyptian creation, starting from a creation of water, and Inca creation, a creation starting from a bright burning ball of fire we call the sun. I will give insight to how each Myth was created and compare the creators as well as give you my thoughts and findings of their similarities and differences. Egyptian creation started with a Nu, a dark swirling chaos of water before the beginning of time. From this water rose from thoughts and sheer force of will Atum, created one's self. Atum created hills on earth that had no place to stand on. Atum was neither male nor female but was very alone in the world. Atum had one all Seeing Eye which allowed Atum to roam the universe. Atum came together with his shadow and birthed a son and a daughter. Atum spit out a son and named him Shu, God of Air, then vomited a daughter named Tefnut, Goddess of mist and moisture. Shu and Tefnut where to separate the chaos into principles of law, order, and stability. Chaos was separated into two groups light and dark. Shu and Tefnut created Maat, Maat formed principles of life at all time. Maat was a feather light and pure. Shu and Tefnut joined together and created Geb and Nut. Geb; Earth, Nut; Sky were tangled together until Atum pushed nut into the heavens to hover over her love. Although Geb and nut longed to be together in the name of Maat they stayed apart in order to fulfill their function. Nut produced rain for Geb which made things grow on earth. As earth, nut would birth a sun every night before dawn and by day it would fall past the earth and die at sunset. Shu and Tefnut produced the other gods. Isis the queen of the gods. Hathor the goddess of love and beauty. Osiris the god of...