Cosmetic Testing on Animals

Topics: Animal testing, Testing cosmetics on animals, Animal rights Pages: 4 (1169 words) Published: October 10, 2011
Research Question: Should cosmetic companies be able to continue cosmetic testing on animals? Discussion of Topic
Many cosmetic companies have tested their products on animals. Fortunately the protests lodged by the animal rights activist’ has had its’ impact as many companies have stopped testing their products on animals. Major companies such as Boots, Yardley, and Revlon have made claims that the have stopped testing their products on animals. These animals were used for cosmetic testing in the past but many alternatives are being found now. There is still much controversy being discussed to this day about testing cosmetic products on animals. A few companies point out the following benefits for cosmetic testing on animals: The first point would be protecting that human health and safety is the main reason for continuing the testing on animals. The companies claim to carry on these tests so they could establish safety of their products beyond doubts. Their second point is that cosmetic animal testing also enables the company to maintain a competitive edge over the companies. Their third point is that companies also feel that they are safeguarding the environment by testing their cosmetics on animals. And finally companies also claim that consumers have also been putting pressure and urge on the companies to offer safe and improved products. But there seems to be more negatives than positives in this situation. The following are a few disadvantages towards the animal testing. To begin with, it causes severe allergic reactions to the tested animals. The cosmetic testing could also cause liver problems, swollen eyelids, ulceration, and bleeding to the animals which is considered inhuman treatment of the animals. Statistics point out that 50% of the animals die two or three weeks after experimentation. The animals are said to have different distribution of fine blood vessels and their skin does not react the same way to the tests as that of a human. Another...
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