Cosmetic Surgery: Benefits and Risks in Pursuit of Perfection

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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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Today, we live in a world where people are obsessed in appearance. Some people suffer from low self-esteem and most of them believe that it was caused by their ’imperfect body’. In the modern age, people are attracted to the ‘perfect bodies’ of supermodels, actors, and actresses. The effect of it: people undergo plastic surgeries to acquire those model-like bodies. Plastic surgery is a medical operation wherein a part in a body is changed, repaired or restored. There are two types of plastic surgery: cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery is an operation wherein a body part is improved even though it is in a good condition whereas; reconstructive surgery is an operation wherein a body part is ‘reconstructed’ due to disease, illness or injury. The focus of this paper is cosmetic surgery. Due to growth and modernization of technology, people are tempted to undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance their physical appearance without considering the effects and consequences of such operations. Some people are satisfied with the services that modern technologies and equipments could give them. Several don’t consider the ‘possible’ effects that might come to them. All they see are the good results that will take place. The purpose of this paper is to give them time to reassess their decision. The researchers will present to them the harmful effects that might befall to them due to cosmetic surgery. The researchers will also include alternatives that they can use to avoid the unexpected outcomes of the surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a good way of improving our physical appearance and boosting our self-confidence, but we might obtain the opposite. It is a good measure to know something about cosmetic surgery, its advantages and disadvantages, to avoid its possible negative outcomes from endangering our lives.
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