Cosmetic Contact Lenses Research Paper

Topics: Cornea, Contact lens, Contact lenses Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Chon In Kwok (2013) 1200398119“Whether we should use cosmetic contact lenses or not” Abstract
In Asia, girls wearing the cosmetic contact lenses are already become trendy, it is very popular these few years. What are cosmetic contact lenses? When you go shopping or buying something online, you may seen some cosmetic contact lenses that they say wearing the cosmetic contact lenses you can get a big eye or switch your color from brown to blue. They also use many models who are charming and wearing the cosmetic contact lenses to attract more girls to buy. But have the consumers ever thought about the safety and is it guaranteed for their eyes? Most of the cosmetic contact lenses, they are non-branded, they only have one sized and everyone can buy it at the shop or on the Internet without any eye prescription. And the problem is if we wear that cosmetic contact lenses that is dangerous and harmful to our eyes without any eye prescription.

We have to go to the registered eye doctor and take some contact lens examination in order to make sure the contact lenses are suitable and fit our eyes before we get a pair of regular contact lenses.( Troy Bedinghaus, O.D., 2009). And the eye doctor will determine if your eyes are health enough to wear contact lens and give you the contact lens which is branded, Whether we should use cosmetic contact lenses or not 1

guaranteed and fitted your eyes. Although the contact lens sounds safe because of the eye doctor, it still has a risk if we don’t use them correctly, clean and cared for property it every day because our eyes are too sensitive. Therefore, what about the cosmetic contact lens it is only one-sized, non-prescription and not guaranteed?

The answer is obviously. There are many chances of getting many diseases and eyes problems if we wearing cosmetic contact lenses that is non-prescription and not fitted our eyes such as “scratches, discomfort, keratitis, an infection of the cornea” more serious problem it can...
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