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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Practice Essay 1
Despite the comedy in Cosi, there is an underlying sadness to the play. ‘ Discuss’ Written through the experiences of the Vietnam War, Louis Nowra conveys ‘Cosi’ as a comedy in spite of the underlying of unhaplk in the play. The play [is] set in Melbourne in 1971 in a mental institution during a time of warfare and undergoing global political changes of the fears of communist expansion into the western world. Lewis Riley the protagonist and the director of Cosi fan tutte undergoes several political and personal changes during and after the play. At times, there is an absence of light on stage which symbolises the sadness in the play as well as an indication of sadness through some characters such as Julie, Henry and Doug. The involvement of Australian military forces in Vietnam contributes to the sadness of the play. The Australian troop sent to Vietnam at 1964 and the military involvement dramatically increased which created huge rallies with hundreds of Australians taking part. Eg roy, nick and Lucy invonvlment monatarium. The example of sadness was seen in black humour in such characters in the play. The style of comedy finds it humour in joking about sensitive subjects and dark elements in human nature. In Cosi’, it’s the patients themselves that often make perceptive comments about their mental illness which plays a source to black humour. Doug’s frequent teasing of cherry and vice verso was an example. Doug remarks ‘I hope you’ll fall in but your too fat’, Cherry replies ‘Go burn a cat’. Doug’s monologue in Act one, was explanation of his Cherry’s remarks as well his interest of lighting things up on fire. Louis Nowra writes the monologue in a way to be somewhat shocking and sincere to the audience. Another character is seen At times of the play theirs is an absence of light on stage which symbolises darkness; relating sadness to the play.
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