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Topics: Twilight, Bella Swan, Stephenie Meyer Pages: 4 (1350 words) Published: December 1, 2012
TITLE: Twilight Saga; Breaking Dawn
AUTHOR: Stephenie Meyer
GENRE: Fantasy, Action and Romance

MAIN CHARACTERS (a few words about them)
Isabella Swan - Isabella, who prefers to be called Bella, is a 17-year-old girl. She leaves Phoenix, Arizona to live with her father in Forks, Washington so her mother can travel with her new husband. She meets Edward Cullen in Forks High School and is immediately attracted to him. She later confesses to Edward what she has learned about him, which he admits to; they venture into their forbidden love, with Edward fighting against his thirst for Bella's blood. Bella has a kind and awkward personality that is more mature than most girls her age. She is highly intelligent and observant, noticing and then formulating theories about the Cullens' strange behaviors, physical features, and unusual abilities. At the novel's beginning, Bella finds, "the hardest part is making a decision, but once the decision is made, she can easily follow." As the novel progresses, Bella unconsciously learns how to make difficult choices and accept their consequences. Edward Cullen - Edward is a 104-year-old vampire who was transformed by Carlisle Cullen when he was near death with Spanish Influenza in 1918. He has a supernatural gift for reading people's minds. When he met Bella, he was immediately attracted to her because her thoughts are unreadable to him, and also to her strongly appealing blood scent. Edward tries to avoid Bella for own her safety, but fails. He notices Bella's attraction to him and warns her that he is dangerous. Eventually, he confesses the truth about himself to her. Since Edward's transformation into a vampire, he had never fallen in love nor believed that he needed to. He later realizes that his existence was completely pointless and without an aim. In Bella he finds compassion, love, acceptance and care. In Twilight, Edward has a pessimistic personality influenced by...
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