Corvette Model History

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Corvette Model History

By | March 2012
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The American Legend

Few cars have a richer, more exiting history than the Corvette. For almost half a century Chevrolet ’s sports car has turned heads and won races and melted hearts. Its long tradition of dramatic styling, excellent road manners, and brawny power, has made it an automotive icon. From its start as a 1950’s dream machine to its sensational 1997 rebirth as a world-class sports car the Corvette story is a fascinating saga. Born in one of the most adventuresome periods in automotive history, the original Corvette featured daring new styling and pioneered the use of fiberglass-body construction. But after three shaky years in production the Corvette nearly died of slow sales. Than a land mark V8 engine and superb new styling save it, while racing successes prove it the equal of any rival. In 1952 top executive people of General Motors decided to built a new sport car. This group named this car “Corvette“ defined as a stall nimble warship it implied speed, strength and manoeuvrability –perfect for a sporty two-seat roadster.

The Corvette has been America’s only true sports car for nearly four decades, and thus a source of endless fascination and excitement for million of devotees all over the world .Brought to life by legendary figures in General Motor history, the corvette has most always been blessed with high performance and sensational look. And thanks in part to a perpetual aura of mystery about its future , the Corvette has become in its own time one of the best known ,best loved American cars ever built. The Corvette has long inspired a level of interest and enthusiasm rarely accorded production automobiles, let alone one so relatively common. Indeed, to find cars with similar wide and devoted followings, you have to look to such comparative rarities as Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari, all much costlier machines from companies far smaller and more specialised than the Chevrolet Division of giant GM. Of...

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