Topics: Aztec, Spanish Armada, Elizabeth I of England Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: March 12, 2013
There were many factors that led to Cortez’s conquest of the Aztecs. The first factor to the conquering of the Aztecs are the weapons and horses Cortez’s army used. The second factor of Cortez’s Conquest is siding with the Indians. The last factor in the conquering of the Aztecs is the Aztec belief that Cortez was a god. Without the underlying factors, Cortez would not have defeated the Aztec empire of 5 million people.

Cortez was chosen to be a captain of an expedition to Mexico in 1518. On February 1519, Cortez sailed to Mexico to start his expedition. The expedition started on Good Friday. When Cortez got to Mexico, he learned the Aztecs had a capital and were hated by Indian tribes. With only a small number of troops, Cortez’s army defeated an empire of about 5 million people. The first factor for Cortez conquering the Aztecs was the weapons and horses. He sailed with 553 soldiers and 16 horses. With his 553 soldiers, they only had a total of 13 handguns and 32 crossbows. With facing an empire of 5 million, guns and horses had a major effect because the Aztecs didn’t have any firepower. Cortez’s second factor for conquering the Aztecs was siding with the Indians. Before fighting the Aztecs, Cortez encountered the Tlaxcalans, an Indian tribe. Cortez won the battle and the Indians decided to join his army against the Aztecs. Aztecs were prepared to attack first but, Cortez got information from the Indians. If it wasn’t for Cortez persuading the Indians to join his army against the Aztecs, the Aztecs could have attacked first and won the battle. If the Aztecs attacked first, some of Cortez army would of died and they would had only couple hundred of people left. The last factor for conquering the Aztecs was the belief that Cortez was a god. Cortez was aided by an Aztec legend named Quetzalcoatl. He instructed Indians in agriculture, metallurgy, and government. To the Aztec leader, Montezuma, Cortez could be the god because...
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