Corruption a Social Problem in Hindi

Topics: Manmohan Singh, Protest, India Pages: 4 (777 words) Published: October 14, 2011
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Will the anti -corruption movement bring change to India?
Posted on August 19 , 2011 by Manasi Kakatkar-Kulkarni

Cooperation The Story of Two Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Over the past week, the anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare has spread spontaneously and captured the attention of a cross section of people globally. While the supporters run in hundreds of thousands, there is no dearth of critics of the movement as well. One of the most bizarre arguments against it is that the movement could damage the democratic fabric of the country. How a democratically sanctioned form of protest could damage the democratic fabric is beyond me. Not to mention the personal character attacks that even the Manmohan Singh government could not resist launching. For many cautious supporters-cum-critics the movement is a massive display of hypocrisy. The very people who are party to corruption (mostly as bribe givers) are today out on the streets supporting Anna Hazare and protesting corruption rampant in Indian politics and governance. Those touting the hypocrisy argument seem to overlook that a person being party to a particular immoral action, does not necessarily imply complete voluntary approval of the action. Would one argue that a prostitute does not have the right to protest against sex trade as he/she is party to it? Most likely not, as the underlying duress that brings these women to the trade is well recognized . The Indian version of corruption, so deeply imbibed in the functioning of the society that many fail to...
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