Corruption: Sovereign State and Black Mark

Topics: Sovereign state, Sociology, Good and evil Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: April 18, 2013
1) Corruption is social evil.
2) Pakistan is the special victim.
3) Corruption is black mark.
4) Govt. is involved in corruption.
5) People are ignorant.
6) Govt. should be honest.
7) Media should show bad result of corruption.
8) Technical education is a good solution.

Corruption is an evil that is destroying our nation. At this time, corruption is the biggest problem of our Pakistan. Pakistan needs progress, but corruption is the biggest hurdle in the way of progress.

Although, corruption is an international problem, but Pakistan is special victim. Advanced countries have solved the evil of corruption, but Pakistan is facing dangers of corruption daily. Corruption is termite. This termite is eating the roots of our nation.

Corruption is a black mark. In Pakistan, we face many different shapes of corruption. People are facing corruption daily. Corruption has made public life like hell. Corruption finished peace and rest of our nation. Corruption created many other social evils. Dearness is the special result of corruption.

Our Govt. is famous for corruption. Our Govt. never gave any attention to corruption and its solution, but now the time is over. Mostly, the Govt. is involved in corruption. Departments are busy in corruption daily.

They are running a rat race in corruption. Some NGOs are spreading corruption. They get benefits, there is corruption in Pakistan; If, some leaders are fan of corruption. They are the ring leader of corruption. RAW is also spreading corruption, because India wants to make Pakistan weak. USA is also involved in corruption in Pakistan, because USA can control Pakistan.

Illiteracy in Pakistan is the major cause of corruption. People are ignorant and they are enjoying corruption. Our rulers are lazy. They are in favour of corruption. Media is ignoring corruption. T.V. is also neglecting corruption. There are many disadvantages of corruption. Our Pakistan is...
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