Corruption Role of Youth

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Class – IX /
Time allowed : 3 hours 3 General Instructions :
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) (ix)

Maximum Marks : 90 90

The question paper comprises of two Sections, A and B. You are to attempt both the sections. All questions are compulsory. There is no overall choice. However, internal choice has been provided in all the five questions of five marks category. Only one option in such questions is to be attempted. All questions of Section-A and all questions of Section-B are to be attempted separately. Question numbers 1 to 3 in Section-A are one mark questions. These are to be answered in one word or in one sentence. Question numbers 4 to 7 in Section-A are two marks questions. These are to be answered in about 30 words each. Question numbers 8 to 19 in Section-A are three marks questions. These are to be answered in about 50 words each. Question numbers 20 to 24 in Section-A are five marks questions. These are to be answered in about 70 words each. Question numbers 25 to 42 in Section-B are multiple choice questions based on practical skills. Each question is a one mark question. You are to select one most appropriate response out of the four provided to you.

(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) (ix) 1 4 8 20 25 3 7 19 24 42 30 50 70



SECTION-A / What is the difference between 2H and H2?


2H VWm H2 ‘o§ {d^oXZ H$s{OE&
2 In which kingdom will you place an organism which is single celled eukaryotic and photosynthetic ? 1

àH$me g§íëofU H$aZo dmbo EH$ H$mo{eH$ ¶yH¡$[a¶mo Ord H$mo Amn {H$g OJV ‘| aI|Jo? 3 Name an organism sensitive to SO2 in air. EH$ Ord H$m Zm‘ {b{IE Omo dm¶w ‘| {dÚ‘mZ SO2 Ho$ {bE g§doXZerb h¡& Write two differences between pteridophyte and phanerogam, 1



Q>¡[aS>mo’$mBQ> VWm ’¡$ZamoJ¡‘ ‘| Xmo A§Va {b{IE& 5 What causes encephalitis ? How does it enter the body? Which organ does it infect? What are the symptoms if this organ is infected ? 2

OmnmZr ‘pñVîH$ Áda {H$g àH$ma hmoVm h¡? h‘mao eara ‘| ¶h {H$g àH$ma àdoe H$aVm h¡? ¶h {H$g A§J H$mo g§H«${‘V H$aVm h¡? A§J Ho$ g§H«${‘V hmoZo Ho$ ³¶m bjU h¡§ ? 6 The density of turpentine at 293 K is given as 870kg/m3. Identify and write the names of substances that sink in turpentine at the same temperature. S.No Substances Density kg/m3 1 Wood 690 2 Ice 920 3 Rubber 970 4 Paraffin wax 900 5 Cork 240 6 Bone 1850 293 K na VmanrZ Vob H$m KZËd 870kg/m3 {X¶m J¶m h¡& ZrMo Xr JB© m{bH$m ‘| go nhMm{ZE {H$ 2

H$m¡Z gm nXmW© VmanrZ Vob ‘| 293 K na Sy>~ OmEJm& H«$. g§. nXmW© KZËd Kg/m3 1 690 bH$‹S>r 2 920 ~’©$ 3 970 a~a 4 900 d¡³g 5 240 H$m°H©$ 6 1850 ApñW 7 State the type of energy transformation in the following appliances : (a) In a loud speaker (b) Solar battery 2


ZrMo {XE JE gm{YÌm| ‘| D$Om© nm§VaU...
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