Corruption Quotes

Topics: Bribery, Martin Luther King, Jr., Political corruption Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: March 11, 2013
“The war against Corruption is the Mother of all Wars.”
“The ultimate tragedy is not the brutality of bad people but the silence of good people”…said Martin Luther King, the great American Civil Rights Leader. “On this earth there is enough for everyone’s need but not for their greed.” M.K.GANDHI

“Allah Curses the giver of Bribes and the Receiver of Bribes and the person who paves the way for both parties.” --- PROPHET MOHAMMED
“Behind every corrupt man there is a greedy family.”
“No Legacy is as Rich as Honesty”.
“The proof of Honesty lies in its practice.”
“Knowledge without integrity is Dangerous and Dreadful”
“Even when there is no law there is conscience” – PUBLICIUS SYRUS “You shall not take bribe for a bribe Blinds the eyes of the Wise and Subverts the cause of the Righteous” --- BIBLE
“The corrupt have many masters. The honest serve none”.
“The litmus test of honesty is whether you can resist temptation when everything is at stake.”
“The honest have value. The corrupt have a price.”
“The corrupt have wealth. The honest have worth.”
“To make your children capable of honesty is the
beginning of education” --- JOHN RUSKIN
“Do not do what you would undo if caught”. --- LEAH ARENDT “An honest man is the noblest word of God” – ALEXANDER POPE “Bright future awaits the honest. Shady past haunts the corrupt.” “The wealth earned through pious means flourishes. Those who earn through dishonest means are destroyed“ – ATHARVA VEDA

Corruption is Anti National
Corruption is damaging the image of the country
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