Corruption in the Crucilbe

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, John Proctor Pages: 4 (1421 words) Published: April 12, 2013
The Crucible

Throughout time, civilizations depended on a fair and equal rule, corruption often lead to societies disintegrating as time went on. During the Salem Witch Trials, corruption is rooted from fear of loss of power. Within The Crucible a large of fear and paranoia increased along with hysteria, which leads to, lies. Through fear and preserving ones reputation, the actions, events and lies throughout The Crucible prove that this play represents a corrupt society. In the 1692 Salem society that Miller presents to us, the community had originally fled from religious persecution in England. They had started new colonies and societies in order to establish Christian communities and their descendants guarded their Puritan lifestyle fiercely. In the Puritan Society, the sins and crimes of a human being were taking upon in public concern. In the Puritan society there is no private life, all religions and feelings either go to God himself or the Devil himself. Members of Salem society are suspicious of and feel superior to other religious groups which is seen when Parris says "What, are we Quakers?". Salem's prominent figures seemed to have a cockiness to their attitude and they liked competition and because of this, generated fear and hysteria. The society's strict religious belief system left no room for the individuality the girls showed by "dancin' in the woods" and because of their firm belief in evil and witchcraft they turned to it to explain something for which they could not find a more innocent explanation, and believed in the existence of evil in the form of native Indians in the forest surrounding the community. Salem society was flawed because its members were too willing to believe the worst about other people and then to judge them and sentence them to death. It is ironic that they had fled religious persecution in England forty years before to come face to face with a different sort of persecution in their own community,...
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