Corruption in Kenya

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  • Published: July 8, 2011
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Corruption in Kenya


Corruption is a global phenomenon and is not bound to be found only in the developing countries but also in the developed countries of the world. Corruption crosses boundaries or age and is mentioned in the religious books of old such as the Bible (Deuteronomy Chapter 16, verses 19), and in Chinese dynasty of Qin Dynasty (221-207).[1] Examples of corruption in developed countries include in Russia where the government of Putin went through all methods known to them to corruptly take away the petroleum mining from the owner,[2]who also is accused of having acquired the wealth corruptly under the leadership of Boris Yeltin’s rule which cost Russia its valued national resources and gave it to the oligarchy team who supported the political leadership of Russia.[3]There appears to be a very strong relationship between corruption and political leadership with player in each arena supporting the other. This shall be clearly shown in the case of Kenya where some major corruption case seem to have been handled have had some connection in both political and Judiciary quarters. (Goldenberg cases Anglo leasing) discuss on the factors that support the connection between corruption and political leadership. (cost of elections, need for contracts and business deals, status symbol associated by the post, people’s ignorance of their rights etc. The core of corrupt actions is the obtaining of individuals or group-specific advantages by unacceptable and /or unacceptable proceedings.[4] As we endeavour to understand corruption in any country it is necessary for us to understand that an individual decision to follow a norm or to neglect it can be considered to be the result of an assessment of the costs and benefits to expect.[5] If the gains expected are likely to outweigh the risk then one will be expected to take the risk and attempt the act. In case of corruption if the cost of breaking the law is lower than the consequences of being...
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