Corruption in India and Ways to Combat It

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Five steps to combat corruption
TNN, Apr 12, 2003, 11.06pm IST
How can the common man combat corruption in government offices? 1. Common man needs to reform: The common man is himself immoral, unjust and corrupt and wants shortcuts to everything. He wants things done out of turn and breeds corruption. Sadly, some sections of society end up bearing the brunt of this menace.

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People have to be honest and fair in all their dealings; only then can they combat corruption. An honest man will not need to pay bribes as he has nothing to hide or manipulate. Manoj and Kamal, email

The common man can combat corruption by refusing to pay bribes and by reporting about corrupt officials to the higher authorities. But for this, he must be prepared to suffer endlessly. Vidyasagar, Yojana Vihar

He can fight corruption by standing up against it. If he sees any wrongdoing he should report it immediately. Mohit Trehan, Shiv Nagar
If someone wants to get his work done on a priority basis, he should use the good offices of his elected representative and convince him of the genuineness of his case. This is a better way than bribing officials and shortcuiting procedures. The common man should have the moral courage to expose those who demand bribes. Col Onkar Chopra, Janakpuri

2. System needs reform: a) Knowledge is power. Only a high...
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