Corruption in Egypt

Topics: Hosni Mubarak, Poverty, National Democratic Party Pages: 7 (2517 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Corruption in Egypt

“Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery” ( is one out of the many definitions that define corruption. Corruption is something that takes place almost every day anywhere around the world, but nothing surpasses the level corruption that has been taking place over decades in Egypt. Corruption in Egypt has reached a point were as locals of the country define corruption “Egypt”. This crime against the county has been taking place over two decades and a half, the period of the old regime which was ex President Mubarak’s reined up and until today. It wasn’t until Mubarak’s regime that corruption has reached an all time high. In 2010, Transparency International assed the level of perceived corruption in Egypt from business people and country analysts, to have given Egypt a CPI (Corruption Perception Index) of 3.1, on scale 10 being a very clean society with almost no corruption, which in the authors opinion will never exist, and 0 being a highly corrupted country (TransparencyInternational, 2010). Corruption in Egypt is found everywhere from public and governmental sectors and illegal and negative actions that create corruption involve: health, education, unemployment, culture, media and bribery, business corruption, financial distribution issues, and many more, all the way to people’s or citizen’s mindsets. The social classes that mostly feel and witness the effects of the extreme cases of corruption in Egypt are the low class society or the poor that live under the poverty line.

Poverty in Egypt is the most growing problem that keeps on increasing daily due to the effects of corruption especially in rural and urban areas. The less fortunate in Egypt live under the poverty line. The poverty line or poverty threshold is the Standard family income threshold (set by each state and revised occasionally) below which the family is officially classified as poor and entitled to welfare assistance(BusinessDictionary, 2012). The poor live off almost $2 a day and around L.E 700 a month (AL-MASRY AL-YOUM, 2011), and it is hard for anyone to live off that income, when taking into consideration school for kids, house budgets, and even high taxes. It was not until lately were President Mohamed Morsi, newly elected president of Egypt, ruled out imposing tax on the poor (Awadand & Werr, 2012), but yet poverty still increases and worsens by day

One of the major growing problems caused by the corrupt government of this county is health services. When talking about health, we look at insurance, hospitals, especially public hospitals, medicines, food, and living conditions. Most of the mentioned are far from meeting a satisfactory level. Public hospitals in Egypt provide very low and poor services for the citizens, especially low class citizens or the poor. The Ministry of Health is held responsible for the number of growing illnesses and deaths due to illness in the society. Causes of this are the decreased number of medicine available in public hospitals and the depressing and embarrassing conditions of the hospitals. Numerous strikes have been held by doctors of the public hospitals in Egypt demanding better conditions, availability of medicines, and proper financing.

This picture demonstrates the poor conditions that patients live in, in one of the public hospitals in Egypt called “Balina hospital” located in Sohag:

Another issue related to health is food. Most of the small government subsidies that produce food for the poor and sell them, like the village bread sellers were as one loaf of bread costs 5 piaster; are inedible. One of Egypt’s famous TV hosts, Amr Adeeb, mocked the Egyptian government on his show for producing and selling low quality bread. On his show he showed his viewers a tiny black loaf of subsidized bread and stated that it was unfit for human consumption (el Naggar,...
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