Corruption Drama

Topics: Family, Bana Kingdom, Want Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Scene 1st
Drawing room dad and the minister of the education relaxing on the sofa, his son watching movie 3 idiots and very much inspired by that, after watching cinema he went to his dad and asking…. Sucking his thumb he moved towards his dad on knees…..

Son: dad I want to do engineering
Dad; why
Son: because I want to be like ranchod das chachan.
Dad; what?
Son: please dad
Dad; what is in doing engineering, there is no career in engineering, you have to work hard and nothing to earn just 4-5 lakh per annum only. Just look, what I am, property, bank balance in swiss bank and more of what the Indian government not know……… Son: But there is passion of technology, science, education and building the new era of future. Dad: you will have politics, greediness, buttering, and many more with a big bank balance. Ok if you want to do engineering than get the admission in R. K. College of technology and management. Son: dad what is r. k.?

Dad: fool r. k. stands for rambhawati karamwaan, this is your grand parent’s name idiot. Son: you never told dad.
Dad: it’s your uncle college, I am the trusty. Understand. Go from here fool, idiot, rascal, whose son is this!

Scene second
College premises student are moving here and there,
Entering of Vaibhavacharya son of minister, low attitude, like a little child. Senior: hey you, come here,
Son: what sir?
Senior; chal do 90*
Son: what are 90*?
Senior: idiot you don’t know what is 90*, (slapped) about turn, bend yourself, and shout adaab, Son; acting and doing adaab(slowly)
Senior; idiot jor se…galti ki, do it 100 times
(son acting )
Adaab adaab adaab……….100 times……
Seniors to his friend chal nikal yahan se !
Faculty passing from there, hey you what are you doing?
Ohh you minister’s son come, come with me, who told you to do this, Son; I don’t know sir
Ok ok.
Scene end
Scene third
Fest in college and strike in college
Minister’s speech and seniors’ protest
(Welcoming of minister)...
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