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Skeletons keep tumbling out of the cupboard of the Indian political class as corruption scandals tear apart the moral fibre of the nation. The common people knew all along that bribery, nepotism and swindling were omnipresent, but they used to suffer these cankers stoically. All that has changed lately. More and more courageous souls are coming out to take the bull by the horns. So how do the youth view the rampant corruption in the country? Why are they hesitant to join politics and become an agent of change? Do they think that the political party to be floated by India Against Corruption campaigner Arvind Kejriwal will be able to make changes in Indian politics? Will they support a candidate backed by Mr. Kejriwal’s political party? Is it true that social activists and campaigners against corruption and nepotism fail to win elections despite getting a lot of attention for their initiatives? I caught up with my friends seeking answers, and they opened up on a wide variety of issues facing the nation. Strange bedfellows

Development and corruption has a correlation, says gokul, who has lost count of the zeroes making the figures that the nation has lost in various scams. “I don’t want my Prime Minister to be a mere puppet in the hands of a group of people. The Lokpal Bill drafted by the government has become the comedy of the millennium, customised to spread more scams. So, a new form of Lokpal should be introduced, which will not affect the free functioning of democracy and prevents corruption. It should be evolved by consensus,” he says. Asked why the youth are hesitant to join politics,selva, speaks of a sense of disenchantment among them with politics and politicians. “Youngsters are hesitant to join public life. Politics is even considered a dirty word. The young people are not given opportunities to prove themselves on the ground that they are not equipped with experience to participate actively in the governance of the country....
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