Topics: Political corruption, Bribery, Corruption Pages: 2 (294 words) Published: December 19, 2012
India’s status as a shining jewel of
democracy in the poor man’s world,
and the sheer size of its electorate
which alone entitles it to the
designation of the world’s largest
democracy, have earned the country
an easy ride among skeptics in the
past, despite misgivings about its
blemishes. But critical voices have
raised their heads in recent times
which in turn gave an open challenge
to the democratic governance in the
country. Especially after the advent of
new technologies the insignificant
issues are much able to challenge the
continual process of governance.
Among these issues poverty
,unemployment, corruption ,different
kinds of bandhs, dharanas, terrorism,
web activism ,degradation of the
environment can be cited as the major
challenges that are enough to shatter
the very structure of democratic
governance in India.
Corruption – a social malady- hold its
strong grip over the every human
activities ranging from cradle to
grave. A recent survey gave the fourth
position to India in the list of most
corrupted nations- shows the
attachment of Indian people towards
corruption. However corruption does
not simply mean accepting bribes,
rather it also includes the dishonesty
or wickedness. Also, avoidance of one’s
own duty is a sign of corruptedness. In
fact the endless desires, sometimes
forced a man to become corrupt.
In broad terms, corruption is the
abuse of the public office for private
gain. It encompasses unilateral abuses
by government officials such as
embezzlement and nepotism , as well
as abuses linking public and private
actors such as bribery, extortion,
influence peddling and fraud.
Corruption arises in both political and
bureaucratic offices and can be petty
or grand, organized or unorganized.
Though corruption often facilitates
criminal activities such as drug
trafficking, money laundering and
prostitution, it is not restricted to those
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